Guiding Principles

We don’t punch out at 5

As a team, we all share similar beliefs and a passion for digital. If we are awake we are working. You don’t always have to be sitting at your desk to be productive. However, when vacation time comes, that’s a complete switch-off and we all make sure everyone gets a rest. At the end of the day we don’t measure ourselves or our team by the number of hours we work. Creativity, in design and code, doesn’t sleep.

We’re not Small, we’re not Big

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re a small business, maybe even medium sized, depends on your definition. Being small and flat though makes us agile. We can deliver projects quickly and dedicate extraordinary attention to our clients’ objectives. We are big enough to satisfy client requirements, whilst at the same time small enough to actually care about the outcome. We don’t regard ourselves based on the number of team members, but we are always happy to add true talent.

We don’t beat around the bush

We give our clients straight answers. If there is something we can’t confidently deliver we won’t pretend we can. We know our core competencies and we have a demonstrated track record. We are focused completely on demonstrable results.

We listen

We know that if we’re going to provide you with an effective and efficient solution, we need to actually understand your requirements. Our team will take the time to build the strong project foundations that are fundamental to a great outcome we can all be proud of. At the end of the day, we learn a lot more listening than always talking!

We provide exceptional service

Our ongoing commitment to our clients is paramount. There is not a minute of the day when we cannot be reached online. Service is the keystone that holds our whole business upright.

We provide fair and reasonable pricing

The internet, when it comes to successful business outcomes, is more complex today than it used to be. There are a lot of cowboys in our space. We are not the cheapest, but we are not the most expensive. We are fair and reasonable and we don’t compete on price. This doesn’t suit all clients but that’s life. We are not in the business of applying lipstick to pigs (no offence we love piggies!) – we do things right, and we know what goes into a successful online campaign.

Our team enjoys respect

We are a team, working together through the good times and the bad more good times! We appreciate each individuals core competencies and work together to extend them for our common good. Above all we have fun, through the delivery of exceptional results and the sheer joy of working together on the platform we are so passionate about – the internet. We spend heaps of time together and we exist in a cohesive, collaborative and fun environment. We are focussed on the best development, equipment and software, not waterfalls and marble. Come into our office you will see where resources are applied to our people and their tools of the trade.

We believe when faced without a challenge – make one!

There is always something valuable to contribute to a client and if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right now. Attention to detail dictates we keep a close eye on the projects we have worked on and continually deploy enhancements. Perfection is not optional.

We don’t outsource

In today’s market some clients are misled by their online development suppliers. We are not an agency that farms out clients’ work requirements and information to external contractors in Australia or abroad. We take an end to end to approach, ensuring the maintenance of client information integrity and quality control. Internally we do not engage contractors, temporary staff or freelancers. Everyone is permanent and has a long term perspective.

We are security conscious, fully insured and use only properly licensed software

There is no denying it, cyber crime is on the rise. More and more of our commercial and personal information is being stored in a digital format. Our clients entrust us with sensitive information and intelligence about themselves and their businesses and we take our obligation to keep this information safe and secure very seriously. We are also particularly conscious of only using tools which we have properly licensed, this extends to images and most importantly software. When we produce digital assets, you can rest assured it has been done 100% legally.

We are a professional team with strong family values

Life is not all about work, work, work. We do work hard, but we also appreciate that time for family and play is essential. As a team we all work together so that we can all have the time we need for a full and, as much as possible, balanced life.

We are not perfect

We take a lot of pride in the clients we service and the work we do, but we rarely sometimes make mistakes. It’s what we have learned from our mistakes that has made us ‘experienced’. In all, we feel that he who has done nothing is really the only one who has made a mistake!