Web Development

Web Development

Like building a house, your website needs to be built on a solid foundation. We take the structure of your site into consideration from the beginning, which means faster loading, SEO optimised code, cheaper maintenance, extensibility, cross platform compatibility and ultimately value for your hard earned dollar.

Each and every site we build conforms to W3C standards for both HTML and CSS compliance and is tested vigorously. Each site is built on a solid and tested structure that allows the site to display correctly in all major browsers. Since all of our sites are built to standards, adding new features, modules and updates is simple and cost effective.


No user views websites the same way. Some turn off scripting to help speed up their browsing experience, some are on an office network that restricts what type of content they can see and others rely on assistive technology such as screen readers to help them browse. It is our responsibility to take all of this into consideration to ensure that your site is accessible to everyone.

How this affects you

Ultimately the true benefits to you, when it comes to proper website development is return on investment. A properly built site will make it easier for customers to find you, allow them to access your content quickly and efficiently and most importantly, trust that the sale is safe, secure and complete no matter who they are or where they are coming from.

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