Web Design

Web Design

Web design is a bit of a misconception, It is not a singular process but rather a culmination of skills and services. Designing a website brings together aspects of branding, interface design, typography, usability design and more, to create an engaging online experience that attracts, retains and ultimately converts visitors into sales or enquiries.


The first stage of any new design is a proper needs analysis. This means understanding your industry, your position in it and finding out what makes you unique in that space. It is then our responsibility to create an overall online strategy to tell your story online.


Before any ‘design’ begins, it is important to know the scope of the entire project. By creating a sitemap of the entire site, we can accommodate a variety of navigation styles and levels. This stage also allows us to flag any items that require specific attention like shopping carts, forms and calls to action.


Armed with the information gathered from our analysis and with the scope properly defined, the design process begins. You will normally be presented with 2-3 initial homepage concept designs but this can vary depending on the client and their needs.


As feedback is received, changes and alterations are made to further refine the final designs. Once you are happy with the final designs, the development of the new site can begin.

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